Paper up to 5 pages: 50euro

Paper up to 10 pages: 100euro

Paper up to 15 pages: 150euro

–      Payment is mandatory precondition for paper review;

–      In a case of negative review, 50% of fees will be returned to the author.  

–      Details for international payments *

–      Details for national payments **

Remark: The payment is valid only by bank transfer!


Bank name Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje
Branch office: Chair, Skopje
Bank address Str.Ferid Bajram, 48

1000 Skopje

North Macedonia (FYRoM)

Beneficiary – account holder Geo-SEE Institute (South East European Research Institute on Geo Sciences )
Beneficiary address Str Djon Kenedi, 25/1-d3

1000 Skopje

North Macedonia (FYRoM)

IBAN MK07300701003027046
Remittance information For paper publishing in journal.
Details of charges OUR (Full amount for international bank transfer should be covered by the author/s of paper/s)

* *

Образец ПП30
Назив и седиште на примач Гео-СЕЕ Институте,

Ул.Џон Кенеди, 25/1-д3, Скопје

Трансакциска сметка на примач 300-0000036339-47
Банка на примач Комерцијална Банка АД Скопје
Шифра 930
Цел на дознака Научен труд за објавување во списание